Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Karzai takes Control of Election Body

Last week, Karzai ammended the Afghan election law, to allow the President to appoint the five-member panel of the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC). Previously, the law had allowed three of the five ECC members to be appointed by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

Karzai justified this ammendment on grounds that he wants to Afghanize Afghan institutions.
The FDA is not surprised by this move, as the FDA had already concluded that there is no pulse of democracy in Afghanistan. Rather, there is a skeleton (or structure) of democracy artificially planted by western governments.
Karzai's ammendment now threatens the skeleton of democracy in Afghanistan. So the criticism of Karzai by western diplomats should not be surprising. "A strong and independent ECC is vital for the future of a democratic Afghanistan, and any efforts to weaken this body are disturbing," Cannon, Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister, said in a statement released after his interview with CBC.

Where does the arrogance of these western diplomats come from? Who are they to think that they have the right to impose political systems on other countries?
Democracy will not advance, and nor should it, unless the people of Afghanistan themselves will it.
Karzai's ammendment may be a sign that the structure of democracy in Afghanistan will erode overtime as the will of western governments to fund it, weakens.

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