Friday, March 26, 2010

Ballots Need Advancement

India's idea of including "None of the Above" in political ballots is an advancement for a people's democracy, because it gives the voter more choice.

But can we give the voter even more choice?

How about, "Political System Needs Reform" and "Political System Needs to Change" for those voters who are dissatisfied not only with the political candidates and parties, but also with the political system. Viz., a voter may believe that his or her dissatisfaction with candidates stems from the political system itself. If enough of these votes are received, then there would be cause to either reform or change the political system.

Another advancement idea is to have a section of the ballot, where a voter could nominate a non-candidate for election. (The nominated non-candidate would not be elected, but at least there would be record of the non-candidate's popularity, and again more opportunity for a voter to express him or herself.)

The idea of adding weightings for second and third choices, again gives the voter more opportunity to have his or her voice heard, because second and third choices will be factored into the election outcome. However, the addition of second and third choices is problematic, in terms of determining the weights for second and third choices as compared to first choices. Also, some voters may not have a second and third choice, so they would be penalized.Consequently, the FDA does not think the second and third choices is an advancement for a people's democracy.

 India's "None of the Above"

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