Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Belgian Committee Discriminates and Threatens Personal Freedoms

Belgian parliamentary committee supported a nationwide ban on wearing full face veils in public. The ban will become Belgium law if the Belgian parliament supports the ban. Fines would be imposed for anyone wearing full face cover.

Belgium is a democratic country. Within that democracy, citizens have freedom of expression and freedom of religious belief.

The proposed ban is counter to the basic tenant of a people's democracy, freedom of expression (including freedom of religious belief). Is it the Belgium government's place to tell people what to wear and what to believe? Is it the Belgium government's place to judge religious customs and beliefs? Is it the Belgium government's place to discriminate against a particular minority, when the actions of the minority, wearing veils for example, does not harm others?

The proposed veil ban, if brought into Belgium law, would represent a movement away from a people's democracy.

Belgian Committee Backs Veil Ban

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