Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can Religion Advance Democracy?

Is there a place for religion in a people's democratic government?

Should religious leaders run for political representation? Surely, they would fair better than a politician.

Did the separation of the state from religion leave western society without a moral rudder, so that the valueless and untrustworthy are at the reigns of western society?

If a religion is integral to the culture of a society, why should that religion be separated from the state?

A people's democracy and religion can be compatible if a religion can be shown to be an essential part of the cultural fabric of the society. If there are more than one significant religion, then they could form a political union in guiding the country. There would be no need to vote them in. Ironically, this is how the Iranian political system works.

History of the separation of the Church and State

Iranian Democracy

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