Saturday, March 6, 2010

Can Sharia Law be Modified so that It is Consistent with Democracy?

As it stands, Sharia Law is limited by gender inequality. This inequality is inconsistent with democracy, in which all people have equal say and rights.

To illustrate the gender inequality, women must where Hijab's in public, whereas men do not have to; men can have up to four wives, while women can only have one husband; if men do not divorce their first wife, but only adandon them, the women must carry on as married and not seek another spouse etc.,

For Sharia Law to advance and be consistent with democracy, it must overcome its gender inequalities and biases against minorities such as homosexuals.

Can Sharia Law become equitable to all Muslim people, and still be consistent with the Koran?

At its core, the idea of Sharia Law is on the right track, because it establishes a personal and moral guide to society. However, time will tell, if Sharia Law can overcome its inequalities without compromising its moral fabric.

A Legal Definition of Sharia Law

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