Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama Sacrifices Environment for Marginal Economic Gain

Obama announced a plan to allow U.S. offshore drilling for oil and gas, and at the expense of potential environmental harm to U.S. coastal areas.

Do the American people want to sacrifice their environment for marginal economic gain?

Does Obama represent the American people, or is he acting reckless and narrow-minded?

Does the U.S. President have too much power, especially with Democratic control of the US Congress and Senate?

Obama's decision is consistent with the recent CITIES Forum on endangered marine life, whereby commerical interests took precedence over wildlife/environmental interests. (See below) As on other matters such as Afghanistan, Obama remarks that he has not taken the decision lightly--is that his way of justifying the decision? Was he influenced by the oil and gas interest lobbies?

Obama Plan to Allow US Offshore Drilling

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