Friday, March 5, 2010

Will Secularism Advance Democracy in Iraq?

According to the Iraq Consensus in 1997, 97% of Iraq's 22 million population is Muslim. Of the 22 million, approximately 60 to 65% are Shi'a Muslim, and 32 to 37% are Sunni Muslim.

A secular Iraq government would mean a clear division between religion and state.

However, religion provides society its moral and personal rudder. This rudder is lacking in the West, where money and politics are the rulers, and resulting self-interest and corruption are the norm. A secular Iraq would move down the same relativist, directionless, decadent path as the West.

Rather than secularism, perhaps Iraq should consider a religious government (union of religion and state) comprised of a coalition of Sunni and Shi'a interests. The coalition would be based on common elements between both religions, and compromise in areas of difference. The ultimate goal of the coalition would be to advance the well-being of Iraq as a whole.

A Biased Article Promoting Iraq Secularism

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