Friday, April 16, 2010

Iraq facing Political Instability

The insertion of secularism, no doubt from Western governments, has created significant division in Iraq between those individuals who support religion as part of the state versus those individuals who support religion as separate from the state.

The 2010 Iraq election produced a hung parliament, in which no party has majority control of the country.

The US, a long time secular state, has demonstrated that the secular governments are not only suceptible to corruption and abuse of power, but it is the norm. The GW Bush era is a case in point, whereby Bush lied to the American people about Saddam and Iraq, and the Obama era is producing reckless governance such as the escalation of the Afghan conflict, unwillingness to control Israel, perpetuated harms to wildlife and the environment, and lack of concrete measures on climate change. This reality should not be surprising as secular governments tend to lack a moral foundation from which to govern.

Iraqis should think very carefully about the future of Iraq goverance, whether secularism or theocracy, and come to a majority decision. Only then can Iraq move forward with unity in a people's democracy

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