Friday, April 2, 2010

Karzai's Double Speak?

Are Karzai's recent comments which accuse the UN of massive Afghan electoral fraud in 2009 is reality or a means for Karzai to establish his independence from foreigners?

Interestingly, Obama had just visited Karzai, and then Karzai's comments.

The Karzai regime is on shaky grounds with links to significant fraud and systematic corruptions, heavy reliance on foreign powers, only represents about 10% of the Afghan population, and facing a growing, resilient insurgents against his regime and the foreign occupancy.

It is likely foreign powers concluded that they need to establish Karzai's independence, if there is any hope of his regime winning the trust of the Afghan people.

In either case, it is a dismal, pathetic reality of the imposition of democracy in Afghanistan.

Karzai's Accusations

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