Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obama's Nuclear Security Summit Belies Weak Policies

Obama's Nuclear Security Summit is premised on safeguarding nuclear weapons and materials from terrorists. This approach accepts terrorism or the status quo. A more constructive summit would be to deal with the causes of terrorism, and thereby eliminate the threat to nuclear weapons and assets from terrorists by eliminating terrorism.

As it stands, Obama is accepting the status quo (and growth of terrorism), which puts the world in a regressive cycle of aggression and prevention (e.g. safeguarding nuclear assets) against terrorism, rather than dealing with the source of terrorism.

In his closing remarks to the Summit, Obama says his Administration is doing more to safeguard nuclear weapons and assets, such as dealing with the causes of conflict. However, ironically, Obama has escalated the Afghanistan conflict, not withdrawn US troops from Iraq, and not made progress in resolving the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Obama Relies on Fear

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