Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pakistan Moves Forward From Past

In a movement away from the days of the US backed Musharraf military dictator, the Pakistan parliament unanimously approved the Constitutional 18th Ammendment, which would restrict the powers of the Pakistan president. The Presidential powers, such as ability to absolve parliament and select the prime minister and supreme court judges, were created by Musharraf and Zia ul Haq dictators.

Though the 18th Ammendment was brought forth by current President Zardari, he should take little credit, as the excessive Presidential powers were an outstanding national issue.

In the days ahead, the Pakistan's people democracy should advance through a stronger parliament.

As an afterthought, it is a sad, pathetic reality that Pakistan military dictators were supported by foreign democratic countries, which in turn strengthened the Pakistan dictatorships. The people of Pakistan have suffered.

Pakistan Parliament Approves 18th Amendment

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