Monday, May 24, 2010

BP Easy Target for Blame, But Off Target

Under the Obama Administration, which began in January 20th, 2009, on April 6th 2009 the US Department of Minerals Management Service gave BP's lease at Deepwater Horizon an exclusion from the National Environmental Policy Act, including an environmental assessment review. Moreover, in 2008, Obama ran on a policy of maintaining the current moratoriums (established by Ronald Reagan in 1981) on new offshore oil and natural gas drilling. However, in March 2010, Obama proceeded with allowing an extension of offshore drilling of oil and gas off the US southern Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico coastlines.
It should be noted as well that Obama's immediate response to the BP oil spill was to order a review of new offshore drilling, while allow all existing offshore drilling to proceed without review.

Obama's 2008 campaign received the following individual donations from Oil and Gas employees:

Exxon Mobile: $30,850
Hess: $5,200
Shell: $9,900
Conoco Philips: $4,300
Chevron: $9,500
BP: $6,396

In regard to offshore drilling, is Obama representing the better interests of the American people, or catering to the oil and gas industry at the expense of the American people? Obama was well informed about the environmental consequences of offshore drilling.

(As a side note, the US Republicans are heavily tied the oil and gas industry and McCain for example campaigned in 2008 for increased US offshore drilling, which likely explain their lack of criticism of the Obama administration regarding the oil spill.)

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