Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Political Implications of the NY Car Bomb?

What motivates an individual from a distant land to attack another people, as in the case of the attempted NY car bomb?

Could the Obama administration, through the US military, be doing things to these people, which causes them to take extreme measures to fight back?

Targeting innocent bystanders is certainly not a way to further one's cause, but what if that is the limit of the retaliator's capability, and revenge for targeting their own citizens? What if that is a way to draw attention to a cause?

As is well known, the US military is conducting a systematic campaign of assassination of the Pakistan Taliban and similar groups, and causing significant innocent casualties in the process. The campaign is fueled by the US occupation of Afghanistan, as the Pakistan Taliban are aiding the Afghanistan Taliban.

Perhaps the American people should take a critical look at what the Obama administration and the US military is doing to cause such hatred of America?

US Missile Attacks in Pakistan

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