Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dutch Election Results

Preliminary results:
Liberal Party (VVD) 36 seats
Labour Party (PvdA) 30 seats
Party for Freedom (PVV) 24 seats
Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) 21 seats

With no party winning a clear majority, the prospect for how to form a new coalition government remained uncertain,

In order to find the minimum 76 seats needed to govern, the VVD could seek a coalition with the PVV and the CDA or form a government with the PvdA and other smaller parties, such as the Liberal Democrats (D66) and GreenLeft, both of which won 10 seats.

* Coalition which includes the Labour Party, GreenLeft, and/or the Liberal Democrats would bode well for the future of Dutch Society. (These parties all had pro-immigration policies, and emphasized the importance of Dutch people working together and respecting Dutch democratic values.)

Based on the immigrations policies of the CDA, in which the FDA graded the party a failing grade of 30%, it is fitting that the Dutch people reduced their support for the party. (In the 2006 CDA won 41 seats, a reduction of nearly 50%.)

Basic Principles of the Dutch Liberal Democrats:

"Rely on the strength of its people, reward performance and share the wealth, striving for a sustainable and harmonious society, think and act internationally, and protect fundamental shared values.

D66 wants a safe, prosperous and functioning Netherlands. Netherlands with an opportunity for all. To work and to live. That requires courage, decisiveness and ambition. An international perspective. Duurzaam en innovatief. Sustainable and innovative. We need the best education, a safe environment, protection of our nature and an economy with more opportunities and that more people contribute. Where we are not the account of the crisis lay in forthcoming generations."

Process to Form Dutch Coalition

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