Friday, June 18, 2010

US Federal Government Liable Partly for Deep Horizon Oil Spill

Where is the liability of the US Federal Government for the Deep Horizon oil spill? It was the US federal government who first authorized offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and the US Federal government was aware fully of the environmental consequences of offshore drilling.

The Deep Horizon oil spill disaster would have never happened, if the Obama Administration did not allow offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and/or had been strict regarding the enforcement of the Environmental Protection Act pertaining to offshore drilling.

The Obama Administration campaigned on maintaining the existing moratoriums on US offshore drilling, and then in March 2010, the Obama Administration withdraw those moratoriums for US offshore drilling except for Alaska, and then now in June 2010, Obama has reinstated the moratoriums on US offshore drilling. Flip flop flip. Where is the leadership? Where is the accountability?

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