Saturday, June 5, 2010

US Rationale for Use of Drones Revealing

Despite increasing criticism of its drone program for the resulting civilian casualties, assassination equation, infringement of countries' sovereignty, and play station mentality (emotional detachment), the US defends its use of drones on grounds that the US has the right to do "everything that [it] can to protect Americans [and] to advance [its] strategic interests".

Moreover, a CIA representative is quoted as saying that the "without discussing or confirming any specific action or programme, this agency's operations unfold within a framework of law and close government oversight. The accountability's real, and it would be wrong for anyone to suggest otherwise."

Was the US government protecting American citizens by allowing an expansion of US offshore drilling (in March, 2010), and excluding the Deep Horizon from the Environmental Protection Act as the Obama Administration did in April of 2009?

Is the US protecting American citizens by fueling terrorism against Americans through its drone program?

Is pursuing American self-interest (strategic interest) at the expense of other people's lives, really in the interest of the American people?

Is democracy like drones a mere means to advance US strategic interests like in Afghanistan?

Are there any redeeming values in the American establishment when its direction and policies are based fundamentally on self-interest?

US Drone Attacks Defended

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