Thursday, July 29, 2010

Troubling Perspective on Afghanistan--defeat by a declining superpower is hard to admit

Thursday, 29 July 2010 20:47 administrator

There are speculations that the ousted Gen Mc Chrystal’s successor, Gen Perraeus, who has been chosen by the mutual consent of the White house and Pentagon, would hit the mark in six month’s time, that is, break the Mujahideen resistance across the country and enable the Kabul puppet administration to stand up for itself accelerating part of the troops’ withdrawal process from the country in a way that it may not affect the remaining troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

Gen Petraeus, in his first statement after a month his arrival in Afghanistan, pointed out to his commanders on the ground that his presence in Afghanistan was to ensure the final showdown and decisive operation, but for that, they were left no chances in Afghanistan to achieve their goal.

The sequence of the events, if observed, David Petraeus, after two months of his taking charge of the command in Afghanistan, does not seem to have come up with unique military tactics and extraordinary warfare so as to succeed in restoring the losing morale of the US soldiers in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the attacks of every type on US invading forces in the country, gunfights, ambushes, IEDs, sniper fires, rocket propelled grenades and other weapons have reached the record levels since Gen Petraeus took the charge of battle in Afghanistan.

According to the Pentagon data, the deaths bring the US soldiers killed in Afghanistan to 150 in June, taking death toll of the US forces to 170 since the beginning of July. As things stand, Gen Petraeus’ appointment to the post did not only spiral down the progress of the invading forces in the country but also had the US and its allies military bases, barracks, outposts, airbases and military and logistical convoys attacked by Mujahideen several times more than ever.

As a matter of fact, the only accomplishment Gen Petraeus has made so far is civilian casualties (mass murder), which has to be considered his new war strategy and tactics.

Regrettably, some 90 non-combatant defenseless civilians have been martyred in the US invaders’ blind bombardments in Helmand’s Kajak, Paktis’s Zurmat districts and in other parts of the country over the past two weeks.

It appears that Gen Petsaeus will continue working out such war strategies and tactics (civilian casualties or mass murder) in the coming time as the way things are, the US invading forces are no match for Mujahideen in every war front and battle zone throughout the country; furthermore, the US forces have lost morale on the ground which leaves the Gen Petraeus no any alternatives but to resort to carrying out his vicious and wicked war pans and tactics which are only causing further civilian casualties (mass murder) over and over again.

Gen Petraeus has to realize the fact that the civilian casualties will make things worse for the US invading forces and their allies in Afghanistan, and create growing resentment among Afghan masses for the invading forces, turning the ordinary people against the US invaders which will definitely work out in favor of Mujahideen.

The capture and handover of the US soldiers in Logar’s Charkh district on July 24 by ordinary people is a case in point. This shows a clear evidence of the Afghan masses’ strong hatred towards US invaders.

Gen Petraeus is reminded if the civilian casualties continue to increase in such an alarming rate, it is not unlikely that the masses would give a full vent on the likes of Gen Petraes, balancing the accounts, therefore, it is advisable to manly admit the defeat as Mc Chrystal put it bluntly by admitting that Afghan war is unlikely to win over.

To put it another way, further stay for the US and their allies in Afghanistan is the same as digging ones own grave.

There is a worldwide growing concern over the long-delayed Afghan war, the American nation and whole world read the Afghan war as a burden and defeatist signal, which is ,with each day passing, deteriorating rather than progressing, whereas the number of the anti Afghan war people is increasing in the West. Fearing the downfall, some of the Western countries have set deadlines for their troops’ removal from Afghanistan.

It is high time Gen Petraeus knew full well the ground reality that he has the command of the forces in Afghanistan whose morale has already been down and they have been mentally defeated seeing no power in them to stand the war against the Afghan Mujahideen. Under the circumstances, Gen Peraeus would reap the reward of his job in Afghanistan in the form of disgrace, regret and defeat. Insha Allah.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cameron's Pakistan Comment Demonstrates Poor Leadership

UK Prime Minister Cameron's comment while in Bangalore that "we cannot tolerate in any sense the idea that this country [Pakistan] is allowed to look both ways and is able, in any way, to promote the export of terror, whether to India or whether to Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world," reflects poor judgment on the part of Cameron.

To accuse another country publicly of promoting so-called terrorism is inflammatory, and demonstrates a biased, narrow-minded position.

If Cameron's intent is to distance Britian from Pakistan, he has done a great job.

Perhaps Cameron is heading in Blair's footsteps of being a blind follower of US hardliners?

The FDA did a detailed study on Cameron during the 2010 British election in which Cameron received a modest grade/rating of 65.8%. His comment is consistent with that grade.

Cameron's Comment Causes Angry Reaction

FDA Study Results on Cameron

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Afghan US War Diary from 2004 to 2010

The US War Diary is only as good as the information put into it. So readers should read with some scepticism as to what was left out, and what information was altered and/or fabricated.

Afghan Diary

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Canadian Conservative minority government self-serving and backward

In July letter to its members, the Canadian conservative rallied its membership by attacking the Liberal party for interest in forming a coalition with the NDP.

This criticism by the Conservative government of the Liberal party for wanting to form a coalition government is counter to the interests of Canadians and norms in Western democracies. The Conservatives criticism stems from attacking threats to their minority reign on Canadian political power.

The Netherlands for example has a healthy democracy of six viable political parties, and coalition governments are the norm.

In the United Kingdom, coalition governments are expected if a majority government comprised of a single party is not elected.

The value of a coalition government is that it forces parties to work together, allows greater expression of people's will through the coalition itself, and avoids weak minority governments.

Canadians should question whether the Canadian Conservative government is putting the people's interests first, when it attacks any attempt at forming a coalition which does not involve it.

In the Globe and Mail, September 9, 2009, Stephen Harper’s former adviser Tom Flanagan says the Conservatives will attack the Liberals for forming a coalition with the other opposition parties.
Mr. Flanagan admits that this Conservative election strategy is based on a falsehood:
“It doesn’t have to be true. It just has to be plausible.”

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Obama Banking/Finance Reform Expands Bureaucracy

The Obama Administration claims the enormous banking/finance reform benefits the people. Yet the reform will expand the public sector over the private sector.

US lawyers, rather than the people, stand to benefit

Monday, July 19, 2010

Muhammad Gul's Sets Out the Likely Future of Afghanistan

Ironically in his article, Gul makes it clear that the US and its allies must respect the democratic wishes of Aghans themselves for Afghan peace to move forward. So far through a puppet Afghan government, the US has ignored the will of the Afghan people, while at the same time claiming democracy promotion in Afghanistan.

US Defeat Sooner Than Later

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Moratorium on Select Offshore Drilling in Gulf

Obama's new moratorium on select offshore drilling in the Gulf is a no brainer, because another oil spill would be a disaster upon a disaster, and likely sink the Obama administration.

The question one needs to ask, is why did the Obama Administration allow offshore drilling, deep and shallow, in the Gulf of Mexico to begin with? Is modest economic gains from US offshore drilling, worth the severe risk to the environment?

New Moratorium

French Veil Ban Limits Freedom of Expression

The French Veil Ban now passed in the lower house of parliament, represents further reduction in the freedoms of French citizens, by not allowing them to decide for themselves whether or not they want to wear a veil. Also, the Ban infringes on the right to freedom of religion, and awards extremist elements in France who are intolerant ethnic groups.

Whether an individual wants to cover his or her face in public or private should be his or her choice. The French government has no right to tell French citizens what to wear, unless what is being worn is harmful to the well-being of others.

Veil Ban Approved

French Veil Ban

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Australian Government Carves into Individual Freedoms

Australia's governments proposal to censore the internet weakens individual freedoms by giving the government more power to control what citizens come into contact with, instead of allowing citizens to do their own filtering.

Such government control measures are a threat to a people's democracy.

The Australian government would have less an impact on individual freedoms by helping to educate citizens about what internet content is acceptible and what is not.

Australian Big Brother Expands

Monday, July 5, 2010

Internal Conflict Formenting in the West

Article on the ongoing internal decline of the West, whereby the threat of Islam for example is a symptom rather than a cause:

New Western Civil Wars

More Trouble in the Horizon in Afghanistan

International Robbers and Afghan Underground Wealth

Saturday, 03 July 2010 17:41 -

Now when the American militants have loudly accepted their defeat in the Afghan battlefield with the realization of being unable to retain a single foot of land, they have started an International Satanic Game. In order to prolong the war, the American aggressors are persuading their allies for further stay in Afghanistan through political and monitory bribe.

While citing the American geologists’ report, the American General David Petraeus in an interview with ‘New York Times’ said that Afghanistan has precious deposits worth $ 1 trillion and if these are mined it will make Afghanistan an economically stable country. He also said that some of these deposits can be helpful in military field besides bringing economic profit.

The chat about mineral in Afghanistan by a top military general being involved in the Afghan War reflects the deep American interests in the underground wealth of Afghan people. In fact, it’s not his duty to share the details about minerals Afghanistan rather he is supposed to lead the occupation forces on their war front. Hence, the interest shown by David Petraeus reveals the secret Americans plans to loot the Afghan deposits of great important through contracts made by their puppets in Kabul.

Reliable sources also report that the big American companies and important business figures have shares in these contracts for looting the precious natural resources. The fact which essentially makes every Afghan worried is that the deposits of uranium lie in the areas where Americans have built huge bases as preplan to loot the Afghan wealth. Allah knows how many planes bound for Washington are loaded each day from these bases.

Sources inform the Americans have awarded permissions to the countries after taking surety of helping the American militants to a certain period. The analysts say that contracts for mining Afghan natural resources stand illegitimate and immoral in the situation where a puppet regime is in place while the occupation forces are furthering their war plans. In such conditions the Afghan masses and soldiers of the historical resistance reserves the right to bar them and save the Afghan wealth by making the heinous design of international looters and thief unsuccessful.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

The US has to get out of Afghanistan; why not today?

Thursday, 08 July 2010 07:32 -

America and its allies have bogged in Afghanistan. Neither the war machinery nor their advanced technology can save them from the lethal end. Similarly, the so-called claims of peace and fake Jirgas are also not going to work. The efforts to remove the names from the United Nation’s blacklist are not creating soft corner in the hearts of Afghan Emirate’s leadership for the Americans.

Likewise, the change of faces in the American Military Command will not create a ray of hope for the Americans. In short the invading United States of America will suffer the most catastrophic military setback in its history.

The surprise attacks on Ningarhar Airport and huge military base in Kandahar by the Mujahideen in which dozens of invading soldiers and the puppet elements were killed besides destroying American helicopters and spy planes prove that the new appointments by Obama are insignificant. Despite the appointments of new faces, the sensitive bases and military barracks have become easy targets for the Mujahideen. The surrender of important American military bases has become no different from the retaking of common check posts by Mujahideen without any resistance by the enemies.

President Obama and his military advisers should realize the fact that they cannot stay in Afghanistan anymore. The morale of their soldiers is on the lowest; their generals are revealing the facts in order to avoid embarrassment in the future. They are declaring the Afghan war as illegitimate and a disappointment. Some of the generals have resigned while others are making excuses for going out of the war. The American political administration has nothing to say except that War should be ended at the earliest. If the war prolonged, no one will be able to save the United States from disintegration. Billions of dollars of expenses and millions dollars of current approvals can also not warranty the American invaders to escape from the historical defeat. No one can guarantee the survival of America unless and until the American rulers take the rational decision of ending the war, getting out of Afghanistan, shut their bases and respect the sovereignty, independence and Islamic outlook of Afghanistan. There are no chances of their success. This is why the analysts agreed that Afghan war resembles the Vietnam War. They say that the United States is facing the same situation of Vietnam War where the Majority American masses had opposed the war and took to the streets.

Today not only the American masses but the people from all around the world are staging protests against the American War in Afghanistan. The Afghan Masses are fighting along with the Mujahideen with the same spirit of Vietnamese masses who had fought alongside their freedom fighters against The US.

According to a recent survey, 85 percent of the Afghan masses support their Mujahideen brothers. The American invading soldiers had to undergo mental healing due to attacks on them during the protracted Vietnam War. Similarly, the depressed American military officers and soldiers are becoming mental patients in Afghanistan due to attacks by Mujahideen. The US had to bear economic loss during the Vietnam War, whereas their economic backbone has broken due to the Afghan war.

Now it is up to the American rulers to analyze the situation in the light of these facts. It is rational to do something earlier than what has to be inevitably done later with contriteness and regret . The work is to get out of Afghanistan and respect the national independence of Afghan masses.

Study says Afghan Government Corruption Increasing

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Black Hole of Afghanistan

The Obama Adminstration pursues stubbornly a failing war effort in Afghanistan, while the US economy struggles, including higher US public debt, now over $13 trillion. The US debt translates into over $42,000 owed by every American. (The figure does not include individual debt.) (Since 2001, US Congress has approved $345 billion for the US Afghanistan adventure. Moreover, the Obama administration's $33 billion request for Afghanistan was recently approved by US Congress, to pay for additional US troops.)

The rationale of the US two party dictatorship of the Republicans and Democrats is that Afghanistan is vital to US national security. Yet, the Taliban have stated repeatedly they have no international aspirations; they are only interested in Afghanistan sovereignty. Is the US establishment pursuing a geo-strategic agenda in Afghanistan, and secondly economic opportunities like the vast, untapped Afghanistan mineral wealth?

US Growing National Debt

US Money in Afghanistan

Attack on US Contractor in Afghanistan