Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Black Hole of Afghanistan

The Obama Adminstration pursues stubbornly a failing war effort in Afghanistan, while the US economy struggles, including higher US public debt, now over $13 trillion. The US debt translates into over $42,000 owed by every American. (The figure does not include individual debt.) (Since 2001, US Congress has approved $345 billion for the US Afghanistan adventure. Moreover, the Obama administration's $33 billion request for Afghanistan was recently approved by US Congress, to pay for additional US troops.)

The rationale of the US two party dictatorship of the Republicans and Democrats is that Afghanistan is vital to US national security. Yet, the Taliban have stated repeatedly they have no international aspirations; they are only interested in Afghanistan sovereignty. Is the US establishment pursuing a geo-strategic agenda in Afghanistan, and secondly economic opportunities like the vast, untapped Afghanistan mineral wealth?

US Growing National Debt

US Money in Afghanistan

Attack on US Contractor in Afghanistan

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