Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cameron's Pakistan Comment Demonstrates Poor Leadership

UK Prime Minister Cameron's comment while in Bangalore that "we cannot tolerate in any sense the idea that this country [Pakistan] is allowed to look both ways and is able, in any way, to promote the export of terror, whether to India or whether to Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world," reflects poor judgment on the part of Cameron.

To accuse another country publicly of promoting so-called terrorism is inflammatory, and demonstrates a biased, narrow-minded position.

If Cameron's intent is to distance Britian from Pakistan, he has done a great job.

Perhaps Cameron is heading in Blair's footsteps of being a blind follower of US hardliners?

The FDA did a detailed study on Cameron during the 2010 British election in which Cameron received a modest grade/rating of 65.8%. His comment is consistent with that grade.

Cameron's Comment Causes Angry Reaction

FDA Study Results on Cameron

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