Monday, July 5, 2010

More Trouble in the Horizon in Afghanistan

International Robbers and Afghan Underground Wealth

Saturday, 03 July 2010 17:41 -

Now when the American militants have loudly accepted their defeat in the Afghan battlefield with the realization of being unable to retain a single foot of land, they have started an International Satanic Game. In order to prolong the war, the American aggressors are persuading their allies for further stay in Afghanistan through political and monitory bribe.

While citing the American geologists’ report, the American General David Petraeus in an interview with ‘New York Times’ said that Afghanistan has precious deposits worth $ 1 trillion and if these are mined it will make Afghanistan an economically stable country. He also said that some of these deposits can be helpful in military field besides bringing economic profit.

The chat about mineral in Afghanistan by a top military general being involved in the Afghan War reflects the deep American interests in the underground wealth of Afghan people. In fact, it’s not his duty to share the details about minerals Afghanistan rather he is supposed to lead the occupation forces on their war front. Hence, the interest shown by David Petraeus reveals the secret Americans plans to loot the Afghan deposits of great important through contracts made by their puppets in Kabul.

Reliable sources also report that the big American companies and important business figures have shares in these contracts for looting the precious natural resources. The fact which essentially makes every Afghan worried is that the deposits of uranium lie in the areas where Americans have built huge bases as preplan to loot the Afghan wealth. Allah knows how many planes bound for Washington are loaded each day from these bases.

Sources inform the Americans have awarded permissions to the countries after taking surety of helping the American militants to a certain period. The analysts say that contracts for mining Afghan natural resources stand illegitimate and immoral in the situation where a puppet regime is in place while the occupation forces are furthering their war plans. In such conditions the Afghan masses and soldiers of the historical resistance reserves the right to bar them and save the Afghan wealth by making the heinous design of international looters and thief unsuccessful.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

The US has to get out of Afghanistan; why not today?

Thursday, 08 July 2010 07:32 -

America and its allies have bogged in Afghanistan. Neither the war machinery nor their advanced technology can save them from the lethal end. Similarly, the so-called claims of peace and fake Jirgas are also not going to work. The efforts to remove the names from the United Nation’s blacklist are not creating soft corner in the hearts of Afghan Emirate’s leadership for the Americans.

Likewise, the change of faces in the American Military Command will not create a ray of hope for the Americans. In short the invading United States of America will suffer the most catastrophic military setback in its history.

The surprise attacks on Ningarhar Airport and huge military base in Kandahar by the Mujahideen in which dozens of invading soldiers and the puppet elements were killed besides destroying American helicopters and spy planes prove that the new appointments by Obama are insignificant. Despite the appointments of new faces, the sensitive bases and military barracks have become easy targets for the Mujahideen. The surrender of important American military bases has become no different from the retaking of common check posts by Mujahideen without any resistance by the enemies.

President Obama and his military advisers should realize the fact that they cannot stay in Afghanistan anymore. The morale of their soldiers is on the lowest; their generals are revealing the facts in order to avoid embarrassment in the future. They are declaring the Afghan war as illegitimate and a disappointment. Some of the generals have resigned while others are making excuses for going out of the war. The American political administration has nothing to say except that War should be ended at the earliest. If the war prolonged, no one will be able to save the United States from disintegration. Billions of dollars of expenses and millions dollars of current approvals can also not warranty the American invaders to escape from the historical defeat. No one can guarantee the survival of America unless and until the American rulers take the rational decision of ending the war, getting out of Afghanistan, shut their bases and respect the sovereignty, independence and Islamic outlook of Afghanistan. There are no chances of their success. This is why the analysts agreed that Afghan war resembles the Vietnam War. They say that the United States is facing the same situation of Vietnam War where the Majority American masses had opposed the war and took to the streets.

Today not only the American masses but the people from all around the world are staging protests against the American War in Afghanistan. The Afghan Masses are fighting along with the Mujahideen with the same spirit of Vietnamese masses who had fought alongside their freedom fighters against The US.

According to a recent survey, 85 percent of the Afghan masses support their Mujahideen brothers. The American invading soldiers had to undergo mental healing due to attacks on them during the protracted Vietnam War. Similarly, the depressed American military officers and soldiers are becoming mental patients in Afghanistan due to attacks by Mujahideen. The US had to bear economic loss during the Vietnam War, whereas their economic backbone has broken due to the Afghan war.

Now it is up to the American rulers to analyze the situation in the light of these facts. It is rational to do something earlier than what has to be inevitably done later with contriteness and regret . The work is to get out of Afghanistan and respect the national independence of Afghan masses.

Study says Afghan Government Corruption Increasing

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