Thursday, July 29, 2010

Troubling Perspective on Afghanistan--defeat by a declining superpower is hard to admit

Thursday, 29 July 2010 20:47 administrator

There are speculations that the ousted Gen Mc Chrystal’s successor, Gen Perraeus, who has been chosen by the mutual consent of the White house and Pentagon, would hit the mark in six month’s time, that is, break the Mujahideen resistance across the country and enable the Kabul puppet administration to stand up for itself accelerating part of the troops’ withdrawal process from the country in a way that it may not affect the remaining troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

Gen Petraeus, in his first statement after a month his arrival in Afghanistan, pointed out to his commanders on the ground that his presence in Afghanistan was to ensure the final showdown and decisive operation, but for that, they were left no chances in Afghanistan to achieve their goal.

The sequence of the events, if observed, David Petraeus, after two months of his taking charge of the command in Afghanistan, does not seem to have come up with unique military tactics and extraordinary warfare so as to succeed in restoring the losing morale of the US soldiers in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the attacks of every type on US invading forces in the country, gunfights, ambushes, IEDs, sniper fires, rocket propelled grenades and other weapons have reached the record levels since Gen Petraeus took the charge of battle in Afghanistan.

According to the Pentagon data, the deaths bring the US soldiers killed in Afghanistan to 150 in June, taking death toll of the US forces to 170 since the beginning of July. As things stand, Gen Petraeus’ appointment to the post did not only spiral down the progress of the invading forces in the country but also had the US and its allies military bases, barracks, outposts, airbases and military and logistical convoys attacked by Mujahideen several times more than ever.

As a matter of fact, the only accomplishment Gen Petraeus has made so far is civilian casualties (mass murder), which has to be considered his new war strategy and tactics.

Regrettably, some 90 non-combatant defenseless civilians have been martyred in the US invaders’ blind bombardments in Helmand’s Kajak, Paktis’s Zurmat districts and in other parts of the country over the past two weeks.

It appears that Gen Petsaeus will continue working out such war strategies and tactics (civilian casualties or mass murder) in the coming time as the way things are, the US invading forces are no match for Mujahideen in every war front and battle zone throughout the country; furthermore, the US forces have lost morale on the ground which leaves the Gen Petraeus no any alternatives but to resort to carrying out his vicious and wicked war pans and tactics which are only causing further civilian casualties (mass murder) over and over again.

Gen Petraeus has to realize the fact that the civilian casualties will make things worse for the US invading forces and their allies in Afghanistan, and create growing resentment among Afghan masses for the invading forces, turning the ordinary people against the US invaders which will definitely work out in favor of Mujahideen.

The capture and handover of the US soldiers in Logar’s Charkh district on July 24 by ordinary people is a case in point. This shows a clear evidence of the Afghan masses’ strong hatred towards US invaders.

Gen Petraeus is reminded if the civilian casualties continue to increase in such an alarming rate, it is not unlikely that the masses would give a full vent on the likes of Gen Petraes, balancing the accounts, therefore, it is advisable to manly admit the defeat as Mc Chrystal put it bluntly by admitting that Afghan war is unlikely to win over.

To put it another way, further stay for the US and their allies in Afghanistan is the same as digging ones own grave.

There is a worldwide growing concern over the long-delayed Afghan war, the American nation and whole world read the Afghan war as a burden and defeatist signal, which is ,with each day passing, deteriorating rather than progressing, whereas the number of the anti Afghan war people is increasing in the West. Fearing the downfall, some of the Western countries have set deadlines for their troops’ removal from Afghanistan.

It is high time Gen Petraeus knew full well the ground reality that he has the command of the forces in Afghanistan whose morale has already been down and they have been mentally defeated seeing no power in them to stand the war against the Afghan Mujahideen. Under the circumstances, Gen Peraeus would reap the reward of his job in Afghanistan in the form of disgrace, regret and defeat. Insha Allah.

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