Monday, September 20, 2010

Afghanistan Parliamentary Elections Mired in Corruption and Misinformation

Despite Karzai's praise of the 2010 Afghanistan Parliamentary elections, there are serious questions being raised about fairness of the election. Moreover, there is a claim by the UN election authority that around 40% of the Afghanistan voting population voted in the Parliamentary elections, which is a significant increase from the 20% of Afghanis who voted in the 2009 Afghanistan Presidential election. This figure of 40% is hard to believe considering the war-time situation and resurgence of the Taliban, and may well be fabricated by the Karzai governments and its western allies, in order to create a greater sense of government legitimacy and political progress.

Regardless, considering the war-time situation, it is questionable why elections are even being undertaken in Afghanistan. Clearly, if democracy was at the forefront, elections would be postponed until the war had ended. The fact that this is not the case, suggests that the elections are being used by the Karzai government and its western allies to legitimize the US backed government.

Video of Corruption Surrounding Afghanistan Parliamentary Elections

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