Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hawkesworth and Stewart withdraw Calgary mayoral candidacies

With the sudden withdrawal of Hawkerworth and Stewart from the Calgary mayoral race, the FDA made updates to its Calgary audit report:

As of October 14th, Hawkesworth withdrew his candidacy for mayor, in favor of supporting the mayor candidacy of Higgins, and Stewart withdrew his candidacy, in favor of supporting the candidacy of Nenshi. (Apparently, based on recent polls, Hawkesworth and Stewart felt their chances of becoming mayor were unlikely.)

So with Hawkesworth and Stewart no longer in the Calgary mayor race, the FDA audit results are adjusted to the following:

1. Jon Lord 57/100 57% (D+)
2. Barb Higgins 53.8/100 53.8% (D)
3. Craig Burrows 52/100 52% (D)
4. Naheed Nenshi 51.8/100 51.8% (D)
5. Richard McIver 43.8/90 48.6% (F)
6. Joe Connelly 42.7/90 47.4% (F)
7. Dan Knight 46.8/100 46.8% (F)
8. Barry Erskine 38/90 42.2% (F)
9. Bonnie Devine 29/100 29% (F)

Jon Lord is the FDA's better representative for Calgary, with a 3.2% margin over Higgins, and then followed closely by Burrows and Nenshi.

The separation between Lord and Higgins comes down to Lord's stronger background, in which he received the FDA's highest grade for background (85%), while Higgins received 43% for her background. (The FDA's background audit entailed analysis of political, professional, and volunteer experiences.) Though Hawkesworth who had a background grade of 81.6% is now supporting Higgins, does not overcome the background discrepancy between Lord and Higgins, because only one person can be mayor. Yet Hawkesworth has the potential to be a valuable advisor to Higgins.

Full Report of the FDA's Calgary Electoral Audit

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