Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ivory Coast a Foreshadow of Cameroon's 2012 Election?

Mbeki, opposition leader to the incumbent Ivory Coast government, won, apparently, the recent Ivory Coast Presidential election with 54% of the vote. However, an Ivory Coast top court ruled that Gbagbo, the incumbent President, was the winner of the election. Based on that ruling, Gbagbo has retaken governmental power over the country.

The situation may foreshadow the 2012 Cameroon Presidential election, in which Biya, the incumbent President for the last 27 years, has a firm grip on all aspects of the Cameroon government, including the Justice Department, and likely the Electoral Commission, or simply a fraudulent may result, avoiding the Ivory Coast dilemma.

However, it should be kept in mind, that peaceful transfer of power from one party to another, does not necessarily mean that a free and fair election took place. Many Western governments legitimize their own regimes based on this base standard. To establish fairness, one must look at how the election was conducted, including the conduct of the parties and nature of the election environment including financial contributions. Does every voter have fair say in which party takes power, or are a few, for example, have significantly more say through their political donations?

Trouble Facing Ivory Coast

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