Monday, February 14, 2011

France most advanced of 10 EU countries in terms of regulating public and private political news coverage

According to the article, "The Regulation of Public Broadcasters' News Coverage of Political Actors in Ten European Union Countries,” France is the most advanced in regulating political new coverage. Though even still, there is inherent bias in French regulatory policy by favoring the status quo (i.e. the government and opposition over other political organizations). For example, the French policy ensures fair coverage of political news coverage (by public and private broadcasters) three months prior to an election, but before this three month period is no regulation, and during an election, the regulation is based on equality of coverage (by public and private broadcasters) for political organizations.

Fair coverage is established by political parties’ representation in Parliament. Equality of coverage is based on equal coverage for political organizations.

In contrast, the US has no concrete regulation of private broadcaster political news coverage.

The Regulation of Public Broadcasters' News Coverage of Political Actors...

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