Monday, June 6, 2011

Harper's End to Political Parties' Subsidies is Self-Serving and Insignificant

The Harper Conservative government's elimination of political party's subsidies, as outlined in its budget proposal, will do little to address Canada's significant electoral unfairness.

The Canadian media has no restrictions on their political content, and the majority of the MPs decide the federal election laws. The union of major media and the federal government is choking Canadian democracy.

The elimination of party subsidies does not address the gross Canadian electoral finance unfairness. The end subsidies will hurt the Liberals, NDP, and Green Party, and thereby strengthen the Conservative's grip on Canadian democracy. (The Conservative Party through aggressive marketing techniques and being an incumbent with a strong party apparatus have an advantage over other parties.)

The Conservative democracy reform policies, from the 2011 election, fail to address severe electoral unfairness, which the Conservatives help create and who are benefiting from.

To learn more about electoral unfairness in Canada, read the FDA Report on Electoral Fairness in Canada:

 Summary of Report Findings

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