Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Western aggression a sign of decline of the West?

Western military aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, and possibly Syria and Iran, may be an indication of desperation by Western governments and their backers to hold onto what they have.

Basically, western governments have dismissed the notion of law and liberty, and instead opted for survival of the strongest and mightiest.

The promotion of democracy and human rights has been a convenient, overused contradictory excuse for military aggression. The notion of western democracy has been tarnished. 

As western governments face resistance to their aggression, like in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now in Libya, resources will be used up, creating more desperation.

Unfortunately, violence is being promoted as a way to resolve issues, to protect what one has, and to get what one wants.

Would a stable, prosperous country and civilization embark on aggressive and even radical foreign adventure?

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