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Interesting Commentary on Democracy and Its Relation with Capitalism

These comments were copied from the GISXXI website and in regard to the article, "VENEZUELA: DEMOCRACY POLITICAL AND UNFAIR COMPETITION (Correo del Orinoco)"


27 June, 2011
11:31 a.m. June 27, 2011
11:31 a.m. Federica Castellanos said Federica Castellanos said:

Based on this important part where you cite GISXXI say the liberal ideology of political democracy could only be made by the Bolivarian revolution and its commitment to socialism of the XXI Century are right as well which egalitarian democracy to guarantee economic, social and cultural features of political democracy as part of their model and practice. Democracy is not only an ethical political system which we should aspire to have a civilized society that can be considered as such. It is not only a system of coexistence based on freedom and respect.

27 June, 2011
11:46 a.m. June 27, 2011
11:46 a.m. Urdaneta Hermes said Urdaneta Hermes said:

I propose the shortest way possible, try to see the relationship between the degree of democracy in a society and daily living conditions of citizens. The quality of the political system affects the quality of life of ordinary people. The more and better democracy, better living conditions, even happier is the population of a country. This, again, may seem obvious to many of my colleagues, but it is not, repeat, for many citizens. To realize this, simply discuss in forums unrelated to the ideas, revolutionary, just talking to friends, relatives, neighbors, fellow-workers, is why we must continue to strengthen the Bolivarian revolution and supporting GISXXI to continue their studies every day give us tools for further analysis in this revolution.

27 June, 2011
24:19 27 June, 2011
24:19 Fabiana Gallegos said Fabiana Gallegos said:

Very good article, since we can not forget that with enough democracy, all ideas, all signs must be able known and proven to be equal, thus triggering the THUS likely to solve the problems of society.

27 June, 2011
11:34 p.m. June 27, 2011
11:34 PM Liberal Democrat said Venezuela: Venezuelan liberal Democrat said:

Lords liberal idealism is totally opposed to the Bolivarian revolution, liberalism is freedom, progress, respect for individual, private property, no re-election to public office, state control NO, DO NOT enter idealism in education, such as ETC ETC view is opposed to the Bolivarian revolution that Chavez and Fidel Castro himself said that is equal to communism. So this article is Artoo wanting to confuse the Liberal Democrats with the totalitarianism of the Bolivarian revolution. More respect for the Liberal Democrats that we never jalamecates more of a Bolivarian revolution.

29 June, 2011
8:20 a.m. June 29, 2011
8:20 a.m. Jesse Chacon said Jesse Chacon said:

Liberal Democrat Hello, thank you for your comment, in theory, liberalism is everything you say, but maximizing the value of private property makes that real political practice violated all principles, the logic of property is the tendency to concentration and from there his idealized freedom is reduced to the most disgraceful dictatorship of privilege, I invite you to read the article "Economy of 1%, 1% by 1%," Joseph Stiglitz Nobel Prize in economics 2001. That article describes the economic model frighteningly for the few that is consolidated in the United States imagine liberal ideal that you do not want that to Venezuela, right?

29 June, 2011
8:28 a.m. June 29, 2011
8:28 a.m. Jesse Chacon said Jesse Chacon said:

Liberal Democrat friend, finally I would say that historically the ideas of political liberalism has only been made by social choices, the Socialists are nurses of the real practices of freedom and beyond that established a critique and transformation conditions of inequality and anthropology of selfishness touted by economic liberalism, the grand launch of post-war Europe after the project was linked to socialist society, it is now when the economic liberalism of Europe takes the direction that the project begins to plunge them into deeper crisis. Just as in Venezuela, the Bolivarian socialist option and that has made structural changes to overcome inequality in just 12 years.

29 June, 2011
8:34 a.m. June 29, 2011
8:34 a.m. Jesse Chacon said Jesse Chacon said:

And to end liberal Democrat, in the political process as the re-election, which issues such as andidemocrática, remember that the heart of democracy is control and reversibility and the elected in Venezuela can vote and choose, as well can revoke the mandate, you have political freedom and respect for life, no opponent is massacred in the streets for his politics, the opposite of the previous cycles of fake democracy. The revocation was a farce in the fourth republic, imagine 40 years of bipartisanship. The revocation Was a farce in the fourth republic, imagine 40 years of bipartisanship. Anyway, the robustness of the political and democratic processes have been evaluated by external actors are not biased, but around this you can give a reasonable dialogue and listen to arguments, but you can not talk around matrices of opinion manipulated or speeches emotionalize no arguments. Thanks for your comments respectful and serious.

1 July, 2011
1:20 a.m. July 1, 2011
1:20 a.m. Munini Franco said Munini Franco said:

Participatory democracy can not be passive point. It is necessary to bring the revolutionary evengelio those corners darkened by violence, drugs and self-inflicted exclusion. And we must do now: it is the only time this group is disconnected from the revolution that was born just for them.
The unfairness of the opposition is not merely the result (and also shown) of the arrogant attitude of the wealthy economic sector and its partnership with the media and the empire. Not only is unfortunate: it is criminally dangerous, it opens the door to invasions and fratricide in a particularly aggressive phase of capitalism vulgar and just slows down to making arguments "legal" before attacking.
The vote is a good shelter, but votes are needed for this to remain so.
How do we prevent the disloyal opposition becomes government, if we let him away with using illegal weapons against us?

1 July, 2011
1 July 2011 11:19 p.m.
11:19 PM Jesse Chacon said Jesse Chacon said:

When Franco Munini in his commentary speaks of the "arrogance of the wealthy economic sector," we think it opens as a reflection on the unfairness of the opposition is directly proportional to the type of bourgeoisie that is set in Venezuela, which is a bourgeois rentier violates the basic principles of capitalist enterprise. Its very disrespectful to the basic rules of democracy (coups, no rule of law) is the disrespect for the rules of bourgeois enterprise focused on competition, on the contrary economic behavior is the hoarding, speculation, usury. Bourgeoisie is always looking for the shortcut and below, is a bourgeois trap closest to the mafia and the logic of accumulation.

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