Saturday, August 27, 2011

FDA Report on Bolivia's Democracy

Executive Summary: Bolivia received an overall score of 78.75 percent for electoral fairness. The scores means that the constitutional and legislative basis for Bolivian democracy is on the border of outstanding. The Bolivian electoral system has many progressive elements such civic and indigenous organizations have the same rights as political parties, and TV and radio markets are divided equally between private interest, government, and social and indigenous organizations. Also, there are caps on electoral propaganda on TV and radio, and only registered political organizations can produce election propaganda. However, the lack of caps on donations and candidate and party spending may favor wealthy candidates and parties through lack of caps on poster and billboard election propaganda and campaign events. Further, the progressive law for immediate removal of electoral advertisement and/or news in case of a claim of inaccuracy, for example, can undermine the electoral process by encouraging less than credible claims.

 2011 FDA Electoral Fairness Report on Bolivia

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