Thursday, September 29, 2011

FDA Research on the Afghanistan Electoral System

FDA research shows that Afghanistan democracy is similar to democracy in the Western countries that imposed it on the country: too much emphasis on freedom in the mass media, weak and unfair electoral finance laws, and favoring of candidates and parties with greater access to financial resources and that are more established. (France is an exception.)

Afghanistan democracy is contingent on the Afghan government through the Independent Electoral Commission and the Joint Electoral Management Body in terms implementation and enforcement of the electoral laws. Similar to Iraq's de-Baathification program, the Afghanistan electoral system is biased against the Taliban.

It is questionable that the Afghan government, an extension of US interests in Afghanistan since the government was first installed by the Americans and is allied to the Americans, is a reliable and trustworthy upholder and enforcer of the western influenced Afghan constitution and electoral laws. Beyond this point, it is questionable that the Afghan constitution and electoral laws really represents the will of the Afghan people since the framework for the constitution and electoral laws were imposed on Afghanistan.

On October 4th, FDA auditors will conduct a detailed audit of the Afghan electoral system to determine its electoral fairness score and rating.

FDA research on Afghanistan

2011 FDA Global Electoral Fairness Audit on France 

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