Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Afghanistan Democracy a Shell Around Status Quo

A team of nine FDA auditors convened last night to audit the constitutional and legislative basis for Afghanistan's Islamic Republic electoral system.

The FDA auditors gave Afghanistan's democracy the following scores:

Political content of media: 50 percent

Candidate and party influence: 22.2 percent

Electoral finance: 0 percent

Voter say: 22.5 percent

Total audit scores: 23.75 percent (out of 100 percent)

Despite elements of electoral fairness such as restrictions on the political content during the electoral period and regulations to support women and disabled persons electoral rights and participation, Afghanistan democracy supports significantly wealthy Afghans and the privileged, educated class in Afghanistan.

The FDA auditors concluded that Afghanistan's democracy is a mere shell of democracy, within an authoritarian regime backed by America and its allies. The Afghan democracy is set up to maintain a regime in power favorable to the USA, while give the impression of a legitimate, fair democracy.

The FDA's report on Afghanistan will be posted on October 10th.

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