Monday, October 24, 2011

Egypt under Mubarak receives 0 percent for Electoral Fairness

Executive Summary:

Egypt's Arab Republic electoral system under Hosni Mubarak received an overall score of 0 percent for electoral fairness. The score means that Egypt's electoral system under Mubarak is completely unfair. FDA auditors could find no element of fairness in the four sections of the audit: political of content of media, candidate and party influence, electoral finance, and voter say. Through the legislated exclusion of particular Egyptian political parties, severe infringement of citizen freedoms and political and human rights, state control of media political content, and lack of public transparency of electoral finances, Egypt's electoral system under Mubarak is undemocratic. Any elements of fairness such as caps on presidential candidates' electoral expenditures and the equality of political content of state media during the election period are canceled out by more significant unfairness such as the state's ban on societies which are inconsistent with state ideology and national order, or the state imprisonment of journalists who question the financial integrity of government officials, or the state removal of political rights of any citizens who are convicted of making false statements in the news, or the state registration of only political parties which promote national unity and social peace, and support the Constitution, and thereby do not challenge Mubarak and the National Democratic Party's hold on political power.

2011 FDA Global Electoral Fairness Audit Report on Egypt

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