Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nenshi Pay Reduction a Political Ploy?

For the second year in a row, Nenshi takes a self-induced, non-anonymous pay cut.

His salary has been cut by 10% which means he will taking about $180,000 of Calgarians' tax dollars rather than about $200,000. Wow he must be hard up with such a drastic cut and modest income. (In 2010, the per capita income for Albertans was $70,826. (Statistics Canada).

In the 2010 Calgary Mayoral election, Nenshi never campaigned on reducing his mayoral income. He campaigned on his self-proclaimed eight better ideas (than all the other Mayoral candidates) and probably the entire world! Did he even look at the platforms of the other candidates? Would he concede that some of his and perhaps most of his ideas are not better; they are the best!?

Could Nenshi have his eyes and smile already on a reelection bid by manufacturing an image that he saves Calgarians' tax dollars? Did he save them when he spent 5 million of Calgarian tax dollars to merely and rashly replace the CEO of Enmax? Did he save them when he spent $60,000 of Calgarian tax dollars in a frivolous law suit against the freedom of expression of a Calgarian street preacher?  Is he saving Calgarians' tax dollars by pushing through an airport tunnel which apparently is 500 million over budget?....

From Macleans (January 11, 2012):

"Holy unreasonable: The City of Calgary spent more than $65,000 fighting a controversial street preacher in court over a $100 bylaw fine."

Nenshi takes pay reduction

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