Friday, February 17, 2012

The meaning of "Freedumb" as opposed to "Freedom"

From the Urbandictionary, there are three listings for freedumb:

1. That the dumb should remain free. A corrupted view of freedom based in mass ignorance of what real freedom requires.

The distorted view of the majority population in the United States, who believe that it is not necessary to be intelligent and informed in order to remain free. The concept that unchecked politicians and Multi-National Corporations and NGO's will protect individual civil liberties and not impose various forms of slavery on their subjects. Not knowing the difference between freedom, and fascism is a common trait of lovers of freedumb.

2. When people excercise freedom in a stupid manner, causing negative results.'

Now that Rhonda is 18, she is excercising her sexual freedumb. She's had unprotected sex with 25 guys this year and now she has AIDS.

3. When evil rich people exploit and oppress dumb poor people and then convince them it’s all for their freedom; if dumb people believe this they are said to have “freedumb.” Also when evil rich people bomb brown people to death to steal petroleum, they say it’s because of freedom. When dumb people believe this, again you’ve got freedumb.

Oilperation Iraqi Freedumb slaughtered a quarter million of our relatives for petroleum.


  1. And what will freedumb eventually lead to? DUMB-ocracy! Or Duh-mocracy!

    1. How about plutocracy?!


Thank you for sharing your perspective.