Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alberta Pressure Politics

Anyone new to Alberta will likely overhear or be told that Alberta is "conservative land."

I find this ideology imposed on Albertans both existing residents and newcomers offensive. It bespeaks of authoritarianism and even fascism. Alberta is part of Canada and governed partly by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees freedom of expression and belief within extremes.

I am non-partisan, and I will not be pressured or bullied into a certain ideology, nor will I leave Alberta because I do not fit the conservative image. As a Canadian citizen I have every right to be here as much as any other citizen. I encourage Albertans to stand up for what is really in their minds and hearts, rather than being told what they are and believe.

Alberta is a free land.

Stephen Garvey
FDA Executive Director 


  1. Like all labels, the "conservative" label tends to oversimplify. That Alberta has had a looooooong string of conservative majorities is probably the only rationale for our coservative label. But as has been demonstrated, the coservatives have been vastly over-represented in the legislature, relative to the popular vote. And they have used this accidental (or not-so-accidental) deficiency in the electoral system to extend a lot of power to corporations. So the "conservative land" thing does not really describe the electorate, even though that is exactly what it attempts to do.

  2. Really good points. The 2008 Alberta provincial elections supports your point of view:

    In the 2008 provincial election, the PC Party won 72 of the 83 total Alberta Legislative Assembly seats (86.7%) with 52.7% of the popular vote. But only 40% of Albertans voted. So the PC Party had support in terms of votes from only 21.8% of Albertans. 78.2% of Albertans did not support the PC Party.

    If we factor in the Wildrose Alliance Party, which is clearly conservative, this party received 6.78% of the 2008 popular vote, which overall translates into 2.7% support from Albertans in terms of votes. So in 2008, the conservatives parties received only 23.5% support from Albertans in terms of votes.


Thank you for sharing your perspective.