Sunday, March 4, 2012

Astroturfing Phenomena

The astroturf phenomenon challenges the electorate, more than ever, to distinguish phony grassroots movements from real movements. Astroturf and freedumb are contingent on an uninformed and narrow minded electorate, who then can be manipulated.

Based on the UrbanDictionary, astroturfing refers to:

The act of creating a small organization and making it appear to represent something popular for the purpose of promoting a particular entity, cause, etc. (a play on grassroots in the sense of a popular movement originating among the common people, ultimately from AstroTurf, a brand of artificial grass).

The practice of astroturfing a widely used form of propaganda, as evidenced by the media coverage it receives.

"Astroturfing" is the act of trying to boost one's image online with fake comments, paid-for reviews, made-up claims and testimonials.

The GOP, Palin, and Cheney, are getting pretty good at astroturfing.

A form of propaganda whose techniques usually consist of a few people attempting to give the impression that mass numbers of enthusiasts advocate some specific cause. This is often done by conjuring up a phony organization(s) that never existed.

"David Axelrod, the TOTUS's Minister of Propaganda and the man behind the teleprompter, is the king of astroturfing."

Nancy Pelosi acknowledges the astroturf phenomenon:

This video provides insight into the astroturfing phenomenon. The video fails by singling out the US Republicans:

Examples of Astroturfing

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