Saturday, March 24, 2012

Entrenchment of the US Status Quo

This article by Adam Cylmer, reflects upon the 1976 Republican Convention in relation to the 2012 Republican Convention. Unintentionally, the articles shows broadly that federal politics in the United States has not changed; what has changed simply are the faces and names. The legislated two party structure remains, as does the narrow electoral choice Americans are offered every four years. Don't Americans crave, desire, want, dream of more electoral choice? Narrow, limited, restricted choice is so inconsistent with the so-called free market, where there is almost endless choice depending on the goods and services.

The FDA is working on a 2012 electoral fairness audit of the US federal electoral system. This is an updated report (using matrices) of its 2011 report on the US federal electoral system. The FDA will show the systematic corruption, and recommend concrete, core reforms which among other things allow for broader electoral choice. What could be more consistent with America? Or is there something we don't know?

Republican Convention of 1976

Reagan's speech from the 1976 Republican Convention; note, the emphasis on freedom and free market. What have they brought Americans? The FDA believes that freedom alone likely leads to a plutocratic state, and the free market if left unregulated will be individualistic and self-serving.

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