Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fictional Political Candidates

This interesting, partisan Bill Maher video of Bernie Sanders (Senator from Vermont) highlights many issues facing the majority of Americans, and raises the concept of fictional candidates. As described by Maher, fictional candidates refers to real political candidates fictionalized, in either negative or positive senses, by political propaganda.
As a side note, are not Americans sick of the partisan rant of Bill Maher? He comes across as if the Democrats can do no wrong. He is a farce in many senses. Hopefully Americans take what good he offers, and leaves the rest!



  1. Not true about Bill Maher. Bill takes swipes at everyone:

  2. Even in that video you shared Maher states his bias to Obama, not to mention he just donated one million to Obama's re-election campaign. Why Maher constantly rants about Republic political money when for example Obama had 800 million campaign monies compared to McCain's 333 millions is beyond explanation, except for his partisan leanings. Like already said take the good out of his partisan rants and leave the rest.


Thank you for sharing your perspective.