Sunday, March 4, 2012

Idiocracy Phenomena

As defined by the UrbanDictionary, idiocracy refers to

"Democracy gone wrong through idiocy. It is the unfortunate situation where the vote of a person ignorant of even the most basic of facts surrounding an issue or candidate counts exactly as much as the vote of someone who is well-informed about the specific issue or candidate.

In an idiocracy the vote of someone who says for example, "I won't vote for Obama because I heard he is a known terrorist and doesn't like Italian food" counts as much as the vote of someone who makes an effort to find out exactly where the presidential candidates stand on various issues. It's democracy gone wrong through idiocy. Another example is "I won't vote for McCain because I heard he has Alzheimers and has already spent time in a nursing home."

The problem with the concept of idiocracy is that it is near impossible to measure the reasons for why everyone votes, and the additional problem of determining different weights for different votes based on how informed the voters are. Different weights of votes could lead to fascism, whereby for example voters who favor the ideology of the party in power are given higher vote value. And a more informed voter may not necessarily vote in a way that is better than a voter who is less informed.

Idiocracy may be an extension of freedumb concept, in which people are fooled into thinking that self-serving acts by governments, which are marketed as upholding freedom, are actually in the people's best interests.

'One person, one vote' appears to be the best way to prevent fascism, because at least a majority (in a proportional based system) need to be fooled, rather than a minority in a differential vote value system.

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