Monday, April 2, 2012

Canadian Spring (of Greed)

Sorry Arab brothers and sisters, Canadians are a long way from emulating your courage. Due to shrewd manipulation of democracy and a resource rich country (for now), Canadians are content with complacency. However, the indicators of corruption and a maligned Canadian federal system and some provincial systems do not bode well for the future of Canada. For examples, in the 2011 FDA Global Electoral Fairness Audit, Canada at the federal of government scores in the failing zone behind the United States, Russia, and Iraq. In the 2012 Alberta provincial electoral fairness audit, Alberta borders a failed state, and in the 2012 FDA Provincial Electoral Finance Audit, the three most western provinces of Canada are in failed states from systematic corruption. (The report on the provinces is soon to be published.)

Added to this, we have a Prime Minister and the Conservative Party of Canada in denial of global warming, as Canadian federal scientists are muzzled, and now most recently, Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada are fast tracking the regulatory requirements of the proposed Bella Bella pipeline through the heart of British Columbia and making potentially the beautiful, eco-sensitive areas of the BC coastline exponentially  vulnerable to oil spill. 

Definition of a Canadian Review Hearing process: paid officials tap their pencils, yawn, look at their watches, and quirk to themselves "aren't they done yet", and then later declare that the review process was democratic because there were public review hearings (while all the time backroom deals have already been made).

Definition of systematic corruption: legislated public processes which favors minority interests over the interests of people as a whole (FDA, 2012).

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2011 FDA Global Electoral Fairness Audit Report on Canada

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