Friday, June 29, 2012

Is Romney More Suited to be U.S. President than Obama?

Based on Romney's private sector business experience, is he more suited to be U.S. President than Obama?

Luzimar Serviss, FDA Senior Researcher with a PhD in Economics shares her opinion on this question:

On the statement that Mitt Romney would be the ideal president based on his experience running a private firm, my opinion is: not necessarily.

The ability to make money for oneself or successfully run a business does not automatically grant a candidate the ability to successfully run a country. Obviously, it does not hurt to understand the functioning of the economy and the markets but even so it’s a large step from analyzing economic issues from a firm’s perspective to generalizing this knowledge for the entire economy.

Ultimately what a president requires is vision of what needs to be done to guide the economy to prosperity; such as creating jobs, conducting tax reforms, reducing inequality and promoting democratic process with a set of well structured policies to achieve these goals. It is not required that the president himself elaborate on them. There are experts, economists, finance professionals and policy makers, whose job it is to put the president’s ideas and visions into practical terms and implement them. From the president is required the commitment to successfully run the country and the ability to put the right people in the right position to make things happen.


  1. It isn't just any private firm that Romney ran. He was a venture capitalist, or "vulture capitalist" as some like to counter. Venture captitalists are interested in making money for themselves, and do not see a social obligation to the country. So, being successful there is probably more of a strike against Romney, at least in MY opinion.

  2. You mentioned "reducing inequality" as one of the roles of a president. But Mr. Romney says that these things should be confined to "quiet rooms" because they are all about "class warfare" and "envy".


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