Friday, July 6, 2012

Evidence of Linkage between the Canadian Government and Corporations, and Paramilitaries

In this podcast, Stephen Garvey, FDA Executive Director, interviews Asad Ismi, award winning writer on his report, "Profiting from Repression: Canadian Investment in and Trade with Colombia" (2012). The report shows the indirect linkage between the Canadian federal government and Colombian paramilitaries, and the direct linkage between some Canadian corporations and Colombian paramilitaries. Among other things, Asad provides evidence of some Canadian corporations' complicity in genocide in Colombia, and the Canadian federal government's role (under Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada) in abetting these Canadian companies in Colombia. In a broader context, Asad discusses the geopolitics of Canada's and the United States' roles in Colombia and suggests what people can do about the immoral actions by western governments and corporations in Colombia.

This podcast and any other FDA podcast do not necessarily represent the views of the FDA. The FDA supports broad and diverse speech.

 Canadian Government and Corporations and Paramilitaries

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