Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Evidence of the Alberta Premier Redford Operating In Another World

Alison Redford (Photo Credit: Dan Riedlhuber. Reuters)

Recently, the Alberta Premier Redford traveled to the London Olympics, in which she claims that the 5 day trip was strictly business. She billed Albertans $84,000 to cover her travel costs and the travel costs of her five-person entourage.

The basic breakdown of the traveling expenses are as follows:

Total Budgeted Cost (as of July 25) $84,000
Traveling Party
Number of travelers 6 Executive Premier Redford
1 Cost per traveler $14,000
Cost per traveler, per day $2,800
Number days of trip 5
Cabinet Ministers 2
Staff 3
Total Entourage 5
Total Traveling Party 6

Based on the travel cost breakdown, it cost Albertans $2,800 per day per person.

The current foreign exchange rate is: 1 British pound equals $1.56 Canadian dollars.

In the FDA's view, the cost appears excessive. For example, a member of the FDA did a two-week tour of Europe, which included escorted group tours, airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and food. The total cost of his trip was $4,000. The trip cost about $285 per day.

In addition, it is unclear to the FDA why Redford did not pay for the personal aspects of her trip to London, in stead of using Alberta tax dollars to pay for the entire trip.

The Wildrose Alliance thinks that $50,000 of Redford's travel expenses are excessive, and that the time of the premier's trip demonstrates poor fiscal responsibility considering the high costs in London during the Olympics.

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  1. I will admit that the London Olympics are a great marketing opportunity. VIPs from all over the world are in attendance. But, this won't come cheap. Still, I think that $84K will pale in comparison to the benefits that may be realized by the province.

    Nevertheless, the public deserves a full accounting and tabulation of the actual costs and benefits of this effort. If the return on investment is proven to be insufficient, then this should definitely be considered in advance of future Olympic games.

  2. Very disturbing to know that this excessive cost has been billed to the people of the province of Alberta... It only makes me wonder what other personal expenses these politicians bill to the people without us ever knowing...

    1. I agree with both comments. Though I wonder how Albertans will ever know the true return on investment. Would a private business spend $84,000 like Redford did? I wonder what other Redford expenditures are not being disclosed?
      The whole thing sounds extravagant, and out of touch with most Albertans, and the hard earned value of their tax dollars.


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