Friday, September 14, 2012

FDA Launches Campaign for U.S. Media Study

The Foundation for Democratic Advancement has launched a campaign on indiegogo to raise funds for its U.S. media study.

To view the campaign and donate: U.S. Media Study Campaign

Relevant information:

U.S. Media Study:

Media is a significant part of democracy, by being the bridge between what voters know and how voters vote. The FDA supports broad and balanced election coverage because the more informed voters are, the better choices they are likely to make.

After having performed a detailed audit on the U.S. federal electoral system, the FDA measured deficiency in the American media legislation. Although there is freedom of the press, there are almost no other measures to support and encourage broad and balanced election coverage.

The FDA believes that a comprehensive media study at the national level would create the impetus for positive media reform of the American electoral system. The FDA's media study would cover media ownership concentration, data on election coverage in all media sectors, and data on media bias. The FDA media report should highlight any deficiencies and give Americans valuable information on the coverage offered by America's national media. Americans can use this information in future elections to determine what their media sources of information should be, and therefore, get better informed about electoral choices.

Outline of U.S. Media Study

Data Collection:

A key component of the U.S. Media Study is data collection. The FDA uses data capture sheets and a system for checking and tracking data collection entries. In addition, the FDA has a team of reliable and objective data collectors. The data collection will commence on Saturday, October 6, 2012 and end on Sunday, November 4, 2012 (for a total of 30 days).

Recent Media Study:

In 2012, the FDA completed a similar media study on the Alberta provincial election; this report objectively established the narrow and imbalanced election coverage during that election, and severe media ownership concentration issues. This report will act as a basis for the U.S. Media Study, although the FDA will be taking its research and data collection further.

FDA Alberta Election Media Study

Get Involved:

Donations to this project will allow the FDA to devote its full resources to the media study and compensate the individuals who are part of the project.

For all donations of $100 or greater, the FDA will provide two binded FDA reports, one of which will be the FDA U.S. Media Study and the other of the donators choosing. Any surplus funds will be used to support the FDA's cause with emphasis on the United States.

The FDA realizes that not everyone will be able to donate; if this applies to you, please help this important Study by sharing it with other persons who may be able to donate.

Further, the FDA is always interested in volunteers who are passionate about the FDA's cause. Here is a link to the FDA's current volunteer opportunities.

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