Saturday, September 29, 2012

Laissez-faire versus welfare

In this 60 Minutes interview, candidate Mitt Romney is asked which “big idea” he would want his presidency remembered for. He responds with the word “freedom”. He elaborates on this by saying that he specifically wants to restore freedom, so people will be able to realize their dreams. The freedom Romney is referring to is laissez-faire. In a laissez-faire economy, there are minimal safety nets as people either sink or swim. Again this touches on the central differences between Romney and Obama: small government versus big government, earned existence versus entitled existence, sink or swim verses aided swim or regulated swim, and laissez-faire versus welfare.

The question about the "big idea" is asked at 6 minutes into the video.

Question for Readers:

Is laissez-faire capitalism in the best interests of Americans as a whole?

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