Saturday, September 15, 2012

Media Misinformation: What Media Can You Trust?

An apparent photo of Chris Stevens, U.S. Ambassador for Libya being lynched
11 months earlier, Chris Stevens (apparently giving thumb up) looks over Qaddafi's bloodied body (Photo source:
What media can you trust? The killing of Chris Stevens, U.S. Ambassador for Libya, may be a good example of some media corporations' incompetence, lack of independence, and/or manipulation of the public. When the U.S. Ambassador was killed, there were a number of stories of Stevens getting killed by a rocket propelled grenade, and that the U.S. was sending in its special units and using its drones to track down al-Qaida elements.

For examples,


Blames Extremists, Not Mob

National Post:

Chris Stevens Killed in Rocket Attack

Yahoo News:

Chris Stevens Killed In Rocket Attack


Blames Extremists and Mentions Rocket Attack

The reality of the Ambassador's death may be quite different: as evidenced by the photographs above and in response to the now infamous anti-Muslim video, the U.S. Ambassador may have been lynched by Libyans in protest.

Telegraph: supports that Chris Stevens was killed by a Libyan mob:

Libyan Mob

Questions to Readers:

What version of the story of the U.S. Ambassador's death do you believe?

Will the U.S. government admit that Stevens was killed by a mob, and does that mean the U.S. government will invoke revenge on all Libyans?

Does the U.S. government require a person or group, fictitious or not, to blame for Stevens' death?

By blaming al-Qaida elements, is the U.S. government creating fear in the American public and a pretext to expand its presence in Libya and other parts of the Middle East? 

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