Monday, October 15, 2012

Media Advisory: US Electoral System Borders on Failure

American electoral system borders on failure in 2012 global electoral study

The American electoral system received an audit score of 55 percent from The Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA), an international, non-partisan organization that advances fair and transparent democratic processes. The FDA found that U.S. election outcomes do not reflect the voice of Americans from electoral districts. Instead, the system favors special and minority interests rather the American people. The FDA audit focused on 52 variables of criteria to determine the scores for each area.

Key points gleaned from the study:

• American electoral laws received an overall score of 48 percent. This means that finance laws are more unfair than fair for candidates, parties and voters.

• American laws regarding media content received an overall score of 43 percent. The electoral system has no legislation to reign in the excesses of media freedom such as caps on media ownership concentration and media code of conduct on broad and balanced campaign coverage.

• American legislation pertaining to candidates and parties received a score of 57 percent. The system does not allow for a fair playing field between candidates and parties, particularly new and small parties and independent candidates.

• The American electoral system regarding voters received a score of 70 percent. American voters have a strong electoral structure that allows for freedom of speech, sound processes for enforcing election laws and measures that support voters such as voter assistance and absentee balloting processes.

Media contacts:

Stephen Garvey, Executive Director

About the FDA

The Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA) mission is to advance fair and transparent democratic processes wherever elections occur. The FDA believes that fairer electoral systems and a more informed public will help ensure the election of candidates who truly represent the will of the people. The FDA fulfills its mission by performing detailed electoral audits on political candidates and parties to inform the public, objectively and impartially, about their electoral choices. Also, the FDA audits electoral legislation in terms of fairness and equity.

Downloadable FDA Report on the USA

FDA Report on the USA

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