Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Canada's Internal Social Media War Involving Idle No More?

The Canadian Conservative Government uses Canadian tax dollars to monitor and correct what it perceives are incorrect political views in social media, and it does this by hiring trolls, shills, and public relations persons.

The Canadian Idle No More movement which has attracted global interest and support, is at risk of being sidelined by false statements and assumptions that are being disseminated in Canadian political discourse:

1. Chief Theresa Spence is the Idle No More movement.

This is false.

The Idle No More movement was founded by the four women: one white Canadian and three aboriginal Canadians: Sheelah McLean, Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, and Jess Gordon.

Chief Spence wanted to support the Idle No More movement, and offered to do a hunger strike.

2. The Idle No More movement is solely about First Nations issues.

This is false.

The Idle No More movement is about all of humanity in terms of protecting First Nations rights, and environment from neo-liberal policies. In the Canadian context, the Idle No More movement is protesting Bill C-45 which fast tracks industrial projects at the expense of First Nations rights and the Canadian environment and removes environmental protections on most of Canada's lakes, rivers, and streams. In addition, the Idle No More movement is protesting federal government's free trade deal with China, which allows Chinese companies to circumvent Canadian law including environmental law, and overstep First Nations and provincial rights. Further, the Idle No More movement is challenging the political structure of Canada, which among other things allows minority political parties like the current government to have a majority control of the Canadian Parliament.  

3. The leaked federal government accounting report on the Attawapiskat First Nation discredits the Idle No More movement.

This is false.

The Attawapiskat First Nation finances are a separate issue from the purposes and goals of the Idle No More movement, and bespeaks to the dysfunctional relationship between Canadian First Nations and the federal government.    

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Question for Readers:

Should the Canadian federal government, using Canadian tax dollars, be allowed to hire trolls, shills and pr persons to disseminate its policies and ideology, and criticize and discredit opposing views?


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