Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Idle No More Movement Interview

The four Canadian women who started the Idle No More movement: LtoR: Sheelah McLean, Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, and Jess Gordon. The FDA interviews Sheelah McLean on the movement.
In this podcast, Mr. Stephen Garvey, Foundation for Democratic Advancement Executive Director, interviews Ms. Sheelah McLean, one of the four founders of the Canadian Idle No More movement. Ms. McLean explains how the Idle No Movement started and expanded rapidly throughout Canada, and what the movement is fighting for. Ms. McLean criticizes the existing Canadian political establishment for what she describes as undemocratic and unconstitutional actions and policies. In particular, Ms. McLean focuses on the federal conservative government's marginalization and disregard of Canadian First Nations' primary and historic role in the confederation, and the government's contempt for the Canadian environment through policies which give gross priority to Canadian industries. Ms. McLean refers particularly to Bill C-45 which was pushed through the Canadian parliament and fast tracks industrial projects at the expense of the Canadian First Nations and environment. Ms. McLean believes that the political and social issues facing Canadians are both critical and global in nature. She urges citizens from Canada and abroad to support the Idle No More movement to help progress Canada through its political and social crisis. For non-mainstream, insightful, and provocative discussion from people working in the field of international politics, listen in or download the FDA podcasts.

This podcast and any other FDA podcast do not necessarily represent the views of the FDA. The FDA supports broad and diverse speech.

Sheelah McLean Interview



  1. Thanks so much Sheelah for providing such a well-informed explanation of the rationale behind Idle No More and putting things in their proper context. I connected those dots last year when I first read C-45. It is written in typically dry legalese but its ramifications for Aboriginal rights and environmental regulations are huge. I am a human rights/civil liberties research lawyer with the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre and am a friend of Steve's. I will be contacting you in regard to INM and what I can do. Best wishes, Brian Seaman

  2. Idle No More holds an international protest at the Peace Bridge, connecting Fort Erie, Ontario with Buffalo, New York:


  3. Being of First Nation Cree heritage, I agree with Sheelah and her choice of words on explanation of the Ominous Bill C-45 and how it effects my people, the land and fresh waters. Our people have long lived off the land especially those who dwell up north. It has always and will continue to be a way of life for the First nation people. Since the time of Canada's birth the FNs people have and continue to find their place and be acknowledged in a country they once felt belonged to all life that is Canada. I feel that these corporations that continue to rape and pollute the lands and the waters need to put greed aside and think of the future. Once there over a thousand fresh waterways that were protected under Canadian laws, what happened to these laws, who gave these few who felt it was their right to change these laws, especially without consultation with the rest of the Canadian citizens. What happen to the democracy that Sheelah talks of? I am proud to say that I stand by my people and will continue to do so at every rally ant every protest, why? Because the FN's people have always been one with the land and will continue to fight for her survival at any cost


Thank you for sharing your perspective.