Friday, May 31, 2013

Media Freedom and Democracy

FDA Webinar (June 12, 2013)

Mr. Stephen Garvey, Executive Director of the Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA), will present the FDA's findings on media freedom and democracy. Mr. Garvey will focus on democratic principle and theory, and then show media election processes from the United States, Canada, Ecuador, and Venezuela. For more details on the FDA's position on media freedom please visit:

Media Election Coverage

Limits of Press Freedom

Mr. Garvey will discuss the impact of excessive media freedom on democracy, and how the media is often times used to maintain the political status quo. In addition, Mr. Garvey will discuss how to overcome media process shortcomings in  democracies through for example media code of conduct during election periods and media ownership concentration laws. 

Mr. Garvey's live presentation will be 15 minutes followed by question and answer, polls, and discussion. The webinar is limited to the first 100 persons to register.

The Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA) is an international independent, non-partisan democracy organization. The FDA’s mission is

to measure, study, and communicate the impact of government processes on a free and democratic society.

Overall, the FDA works
  1. to ensure that people become more knowledgeable about the outcomes of government processes and can then make decisions that are more informed;
  2. to get people involved in monitoring government processes at all levels of government and in providing sound, practical, and effective suggestions. (For more information on the FDA)
FDA Webinar: Media Freedom and Democracy

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